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Links for 2007-09-03

4 replies on “Links for 2007-09-03” is trying to get around Ordance Survery with community generated maps. It’s growing fast, and you don’t even need a GPS device to help anymore, you can trace the streets from license free aerial photography, so everyone go and help now!

I agree that anonymous comments can be of limited, or at least highly-variable value, but high traffic sites complaining about the oh-so-terrible problems of high traffic sites is a bit unseemly.
“Woe is me! I get so many anonymous comments! And I have too much PageRank! And my advertising revenue is so high! What will I spend it on? Wah!”
And anyone who has seen a “diamond in the rough” anonymous coward posting on Slashdot should know that anonymous communications allow insiders to speak freely (in just the way that you can’t about tagging).
I like that your site allows multiple methods of signing in, but while I’m still on the other side of the fame-o-graph, I’m going to allow them. I need all the traffic I can get.

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