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If you do order the M&Ms, you should be able to use the coupon code OFFER24 to get a free extra bag.

I remember that Paul Arden book. It has one “good” in gold and one “good” in thirty pieces of silver, doesn’t it?
Like most of the slightly floaty notions it espouses, there’s a lot to think about there if nothing else (Paul Arden: at least he gets kids thinking!) That’s probably a consequence of them being so vapid, of course: you project all sorts onto them.
I remember seeing that “everyone has something to sell” line and turning away in disgust. It does explain some of the default, unfettered behaviour patterns among younger generations if you try to picture the world that way, though. Oo, and aren’t policemen looking terribly media-savvy these days?
The main problem with treating every externalising of the self as a marketed, packaged feed of information, though, as most PR people seem to find, is that sooner or later the abyss stares back. And then you’re lost amid a twisty maze of Pot Noodle strands, all alike.

Wahaca isn’t bad but Green & Red is easily the best Mexican restaurant in London, IMHO. Excellent cocktails, too.

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