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I’ve tried the iPlayer a few times, and never got it to actually work. Torrents are far easier, and I figure what’s the difference than If I’d recorded it on my Sky+

I must admit to using the iPlayer. iIknow how much you guys hate it, but for all the MS DRM and the clunky interface it actually works well. The downloads are quick, it generally works fine, no complaints here.
I also use torrents, mainly for US stuff, but I actually find I’m watching much more tv originated content since I downloaded the iPlayer.

The knowledge that the disc-box will feature real genuine Stanley Donwood artwork, works a bit paralyzing to make up something. But the My Little Pony version comes close what i’d like…

I don’t think it’s the case that I’m down on it per se, and if people are genuinely getting value from using it that’s absolutely brilliant. I’m just suspicious about how much it does get used versus how much it cost to build and the Microsoft lock-in. That’s why I’d like to see some figures.

I’m interested to see the news on the BBC/Adobe partnership for iPlayer:
I will certainly be paying attention, if for no other reason than I have just invested in a Real Enabled Wifi internet radio that plays the on demand streams from the current BBC Radio Player. It’s a steal & works very well.
I think I’m becoming pragmatic in my old age. Once upon a long ago I would have taken a very ideological stance on this issue. Lately tho I have come to realise that the only thing that matters is: Does It Work??

I’ve been using iPlayer for a while now, but I really only use it to prevent rushing around trying to find a spare disk to record something. Of course, I’d probably use it more if the Beeb had more stuff I wanted to watch, but that’s not the iPlayer’s fault…

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