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My Swedish is far from perfect but this should help you get the gist of it (it is not a 100% word-for-word translation but it should give you an idea of what the article is about):
Tom Coates on Fire Eagle
Tom Coates presents Fire Eagle on the ETech conference and also gives a checklist to see if you’re developing for the web in 2008.
Tom delivers three main points:
1. We have to develop apps that spread their tentacles all over. Physical devices, ubiquitous computing, desktop applications, mobile applications, instant messaging and dashboard widgets. An example of this is Jaiku which besides the web interface has a mobile client, an instant messaging and SMS interface, several applications through its API, import of feeds from other services, etc.
2. We have to function well with others. We shouldn’t be a silo or do what others do but use them instead. See for example Flickr upon which many other applications are built and which uses other services like Picnic for image editing and QOOP for prints, photo books, t-shirts, etc.
3. We have to provide data to improve other services. We have to create and let others use data (and vice versa). See Fire Eagle for yourself, what we do is we offer the possibility for other applications to locate people geographically.
These are the principles which according to Tom Coates penetrate the Fire Eagle project.
And the interesting bit is that Fire Eagle is almost only an API: If you log on to Fire Eagle the only thing you see is a map and a text input field so you can input where you are. If you don’t know that this information can be used (with your permission) by other applications the service seems completely useless.

Congratulations on finding a flat! Apartment. Habitat-hunting is incredibly stressful.
Your new tiny street looks very cute.

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