Hello RSS Readers, can you hear me?

I’d like to ask you guys a quick favor. If you use an RSS reader to consume your online content and somehow you still find yourself subscribed to after many years of abandonment and dereliction, I’d really appreciate it if you can let me know in the comments below if you see this post. If you could tell me what client or online service you’re using to consume the feed too, that would be really great.

The short background to this is that as part of my massive cleaning and reinstallation of everything, I deleted a hell of a lot of stuff from around the place, and I’m checking the error logs to see what things people are missing. At the moment, the largest number of 404 errors are coming from people looking for an index.rdf, index.xml or atom.xml file, which I’m assuming are all places I used to keep my feeds. WordPress has moved them to /feed/ and so I’ve made a few .htaccess updates to redirect everything to the right places. But of course it’s easy to make the redirects, and less easy to check that everything is coming through to everyone correctly.

Obviously, if you happen to stumble upon this post in another way and then realize that your RSS feed is not up to date, I’d also love to hear about it, but I suspect that’s a bit less likely to happen.

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Hello! Reading this using FeedLab which I think is connected to Feedly, which is where my Google Reader feeds ended up. Lovely to see you back!

Yes. I use Feedly on both Desktop and iPad.
For me, your feed “re-activated” on May 1st with a post called “A brief review of Delicious Library…”

All looking good from my Feedly account. A few days ago it suddenly showed four or five of your “best songs of the year” posts, followed by your “I might start blogging again” post. And now this one.

What a pleasure to hear from you after all these years! Reeder / Feed Wrangler here.

Hi Tom. I’m using Feedly and I think it’s using /index.xml to get your feed.

Hi Tom. Like a few people above, I’m using Feedly, but I’m afraid I have no idea what it’s using to grab the feed from you. However, it is working!

Using Live Journal!! And had to click through to remember who you are and why I once set up or joined the LJ RSS feed.

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