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Incapable of restraint or idleness…


Mary is one of the last surviving members of humanity, sat on a boat in the Galap√°gos Islands in the book Galap√°gos by Kurt Vonnegut. She is accompanied by a handful of other survivors and Mandarax, a small portable information resource, translator and repository of quotations: What Manadax didn’t tell her, and what her big Read More

On my favourite books…


Okay. I don’t normally do these things and please God don’t take this as an opportunity to start sending me more of them, but I’m going to respond to Lubin Odana’s book-reading memetic challenge. I don’t normally do these kinds of things because I don’t really think they’re aimed at me. I think they’re really Read More

God Bless You, Mr Vonnegut…


One of my favourite authors is Kurt Vonnegut. One of his favourite authors is Kilgore Trout. Kilgore Trout is what Kurt Vonnegut would be if life was a ludicrous joke and reality was one of Kurt Vonnegut books. Kilgore Trout writes stories. Mostly they’re quite short. And thanks to a link from a nice chap Read More

Flashbacks and Comic Books…


Flashback madness. I’m ten – I’m living in a little village in Norfolk called Belaugh. On Sunday mornings my dad drives to the nearest village (Wroxham) for the Sunday papers. Sunday is the only day of the week that the papers aren’t delivered. I look forward to this all week, because it’s pretty much the Read More