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Flashbacks and Comic Books…

Flashback madness. I’m ten – I’m living in a little village in Norfolk called Belaugh. On Sunday mornings my dad drives to the nearest village (Wroxham) for the Sunday papers. Sunday is the only day of the week that the papers aren’t delivered. I look forward to this all week, because it’s pretty much the only time that I can guarantee I’ll be able to leave my village and do anything interesting (apart from go to school). More importantly, I get my pocket money then, so it’s all really exciting.

This particular weekend, my friend Adam is staying with me. We have remarkably similar tastes, and have been friends for a couple of years, since I started going to the Norwich School after leaving Town Close (where I was really happy). We go into the newsagents and start looking through the comic books. Now I’m sure I bought comic books before that – but I really don’t remember then. But I remember reading the comic books I bought that day again and again. And until about an hour ago I didn’t remember what they were – and thanks to the internet, here they are! If anyone knows a place in the UK where I can get these, I’d be astonishingly grateful.