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When Hack Day got struck by lightning…


A couple of weeks after the fact, and I’m only now beginning to get my head around what actually happened at Hack Day and I’m starting to look around the web to see what kind of time everyone else had. Seems like people had fun! That’s really good. I found this bit too! When we Read More

Who is speaking at Hack Day?


I’ve just posted a really long piece over on the Hack Day blog about the various people from Yahoo and the BBC who are going to be coming to Alexandra Palace in a little over two weeks. Sorting out the speakers has been really surprisingly easy and good fun because everyone’s been so keen to Read More

Who are we hoping will come to Hack Day?


Since Yahoo and the BBC announced a couple of weeks ago that they were doing a Hack Day in London’s Alexandra Palace, I’ve had a lot of people contacting me with questions and comments. Of all the questions, the most common one by far tends to go something like, “Hey there, I’m really excited by Read More

A Hack for Europe!


Right then. This is going to be quite a big deal so pay attention! A few months ago you’ll remember Yahoo! put together a Hack Day on their campus in Sunnyvale and invited several hundred designers, developers and engineers to come and crash the place. People camped in the grounds overnight, had access to a Read More

Reclaiming hard disk space from iPhoto…


A very quick microtip that I’ve just discovered since buying my new camera. When I’m taking pictures, I have the camera set to take a number of photos in a row. I do this particularly when there are low light conditions as then hopefully you can grab one shot where someone isn’t moving or your Read More

How I’m formatting my links…


I’ve been using it for bloody ages now – probably a year or something – and I’ve been asked about it a few times and always meant to write it up. So here goes. If you want to post your links to your website like I do, it’s a pretty easy process, but it Read More

Against Search Engine Optimisers…


In the middle of the comments for a fairly interesting article about the Googledance that never ends there’s a post from a professional search engine optimiser. He says: My consulting business website ranks highly in google for a number of search terms that are pertinent to my business. I didn’t get that way using a Read More

Hacks: Upgrading to Movable Type from Blogger


The instruction manual for Movable Type contains detailed instructions about transferring your weblog from Blogger and Blogger Pro, and these instructions work extremely well if you have not been maintaining your site for very long. But while it’s rare for there to be a problem with the importing process, exporting weblogs from Blogger isn’t always Read More

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