How I’m formatting my links…

I’ve been using it for bloody ages now – probably a year or something – and I’ve been asked about it a few times and always meant to write it up. So here goes. If you want to post your links to your website like I do, it’s a pretty easy process, but it has a couple of parts. The first part is the publishing – and this is pretty well documented. Basically you visit the slightly beta-versioned URL and fill in the information required and then once a day it’ll post to your site. Easy. But being a bit of a beta-product, the publish-to-weblog function doesn’t really help you format your links. So this is where the second part comes in.

The way I make my links look the way they do is by the slightly laborious process of opening up each post each day, copying it into BBEdit, running an AppleScript and then pasting the finished text it back into the form. I made the script a while back using Automator and it requires you to have BBEdit installed, so I’m not sure that it’s going to be particularly useful for any more than a small minority of you, but if you want it, it’s here: CLean-up Linklog. Basically you dump the script in the Library > Scripts folder of your user account on your Mac and then you’re done. Good luck with it.

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I think at the moment it’s best to think about it is a bonus feature. The crew have a whole bunch of other awesome stuff to be thinking about at the moment.

I think does a pretty good job offering output. At least I had no problem formatting their output with CSS to fit my website. However, my links appear in a dedicated section that pulls the javascript output.
I think a daily or weekly output from may help your cause more.

I subscribe to typepads blog service and with my subscription I am allowed up to 3 blogs. The main one I use for general blogish tendencies and the second I send my links to. Then I set up a feed that displays the posts from the link blog to the main blog in the sidebar. This lets me show “where” I have been without “cluttering” my main blog (no offence intended Tom :P) It keeps everyone happy. Not super simple, but the method suits me.

No – I know what you mean, although I’m actually really keen to have the links that I’m bookmarking show up in my main weblog, so that wouldn’t work particularly well for me.

Here’s an idea for a more general solution: someone (not me) could set up a nice little web service that could be used post items from any feed to weblogs as new posts.

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