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On people who can’t smell…


Last night I cooked myself a meal on my gas hob. This morning, on the way into work on the bus I became convinced that I hadn’t turned the gas off. I had to get off the bus halfway through my journey, find another bus and return home to check. Fourteen hours had passed. For Read More

On cramping and burning…


Massive stomach cramps that double you over in pain. Acidic excretia that burns as it’s released. It’s past midnight now, and so I’m in the fourth day of my bodily rebellion. The initial putsch subsided on Friday, but stray contingents believe their cause still has a chance of victory. They fight on. The front moves Read More

Experimenting with Melatonin in the US…


I am currently trying out Melatonin pills as a way to regulate my sleep patterns while I’m out here, as not only do I have the eight hour time difference to deal with, but I also must content with my gorgeous hosts’ nocturnal debauchery. Essentially this amounts to a thirteen hour time difference from how Read More

Eighteen Hours of Horror…


2 am Wake up feeling sweaty and shivering at the same time. There are various gurglings within my body. I have a pounding headache. I get up and drink a pint of water. Return to bed. 2.45 am Suddenly feel extraordinarily bad. I’m shaking all over and sweating and my legs feel weak. I think Read More