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Christina of Finland?


I was wandering down Oxford Street the other day when I stumbled upon this poster featuring Christina Aguilera attempting to flog Sketchers products to no doubt impressionable youth-type people. My first reaction was to think that the pose looked really familiar and after a fair amount of brain-searching, I’m thinking maybe it’s been ripped off Read More

An illustration of spam…


Yesterday I received a piece of spam with a title so interesting and dramatic that I felt I had to illustrate it with Photoshop. Presenting: “Unrelenting Massive C*cks Destroy Innocent Pussies!” Addendum: Of course now my site will be blocked by my brother’s school for another six months. Sigh.

God Save The Queen…


I couldn’t stop myself. God knows I tried. I spent ages tarting this up more, but in the end I cut all the fluff out of it and kept it to the basics – an image of a modern queen, remembering the bizarre horrors of a history of imperialism and really hard to get into Read More