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A brief tirade about totaphobia…


This is trivial and I will be mocked. More 4 is currently rebroadcasting The West Wing from the beginning and they have it surrounded by this sponsorship thing from 118118 which is some directory thing I refuse to use. And one of the adverts that surrounds the thing has the 118 people saying, “I have Read More

On Pokemonetisation…


Only colleague (but not for long) Simon Willison and I have been spending a hell of a lot of time over the last three weeks sitting in a tiny room with lots of whiteboards puzzling over motives for collecting and sharing and – frankly – it’s semi doing my nut. Not that it’s not an Read More

On Paralepsis (Part Two)


One of my favourite words is paralepsis (I’ve even talked about it before). It’s a word from the ancient study of rhetoric and it essentially means that you state loudly the subjects that you’re not going to talk about – in the process bringing what you’re omitting into the forefront of people’s consciousness. Here’s an Read More

On creative etymology…


Notice the similarity in pronunciation between these two words: “Homey” (as in homeboy, contemporary American street-slang) and “Omi” (old gay palare for man). Palare had a word, “omipalone” (Oh-Mi-Pal-Oh-Nee) which was a combination of Man and Woman (“palone”), and which at the time meant something along the lines of “poof”. Creative etymology leads me to Read More