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Visualising my tags…


I got an e-mail the other day from a guy called Kunal Anand who writes a weblog over at He’d been doing some nice simple visualisations with Python and (I think) Processing of the connections within his tags. Here’s a bit of his work: Anyway, he asked me if he could get a Read More

In which Google Base launches…


Right. Now. This is interesting. Google Base has launched and is both pretty weird and pretty interesting. The concept is fundamentally pretty simple – it’s almost like a completely open content management tool where you can post a recipe or a personal profile or a classified ad or whatever kind of thing you want. The Read More

Amazon, excess and the future of navigation…


Following a post from Anil (brought to my attention by new co-worker Simon Willison), I’ve been wandering around Amazon’s new tag implementation and my initial impressions are mixed. But I’m going to leave talking about that for another post. Instead I’m going to use Anil’s comments as a jumping-off point to talk about why tags Read More

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