Visualising my tags…

I got an e-mail the other day from a guy called Kunal Anand who writes a weblog over at He’d been doing some nice simple visualisations with Python and (I think) Processing of the connections within his tags. Here’s a bit of his work:

Anyway, he asked me if he could get a dump of my XML to have a play with – I think he’s trying to see if there are any obviously different styles of tagging that you could see with visualisations of different people’s tag clouds – and I said yes. And having done so I thought that someone else out there might also get some value from playing with this data, so if you want it here it is: delicious.xml.

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Wow, that is a great looking visualization. I’ll send Kunal an email to check it out, thanks! And if your interested in more visualizations, you may want to checkout my Visualizing Roundup from a while back. It’s got some interesting ones in there (my favorites are “Revealicious” and “Delicious Soup”). Enjoy!

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