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The Evil Tree of Evolution…


Added 10.30pm: It has been pointed out to me that in fact the image below is a spoof and that I am really quite quite stupid! I will be leaving the evidence for my crapulence below in perpetuity as a reminder to myself to check things a little more thoroughly in future. Thanks to the Read More

On maps of religious adherents in America…


I was talking to Kerry Bailey the other day and – on the pretty feeble pretext that “you like maps, right” – he directed me to a fascinating post about Religion in America in which county-by-county maps of the US predeliction for various forms of religious belief have been posted and discussed. It’s such a Read More

On the existence of God…


I’m an atheist. I have been for nearly twenty years, and before that I wasn’t really anything – I didn’t really have a position on God vs. No God. I suppose I just hadn’t thought about it properly. I can’t really understand how anyone can be anything other than an atheist, but – despite my Read More

On America, Science and Fundamentalist Christianity…


Probably the one thing I understand least about America is its relationship with religion. American is a country that (i) is particularly known for not being hide-bound by convention in science or business and (ii) often demonstrates an astonishing (and often laudable) amount of bombast and rule-breaking in both domestic and foreign-affairs. How then can Read More

God as plot device…


One of the more interesting quizzes I’ve taken recently examines the logical consistency of one’s beliefs about god. I’m a staunch atheist, and have been for over fifteen years now. My ideas consolidated around the time I was Christened in fact – essentially against my will at the late age of thirteen. To me ‘god’ Read More

Is Mark going to hell?


I’m worried about Mark: “One more thing I’d like to record is that today my father implied he thinks i’m going to hell. He explained to me his concern, that he’d like me to be with him when we both eventually die, and he’s worried about that not happening, because I study different religions …now, Read More

Is Christianity vanquished in the UK?


I haven’t believed in god for over fifteen years now. I was thirteen when my little brother was born. My mother had come into the TV room and sat me down on the tan sofa and asked me how I’d feel about having a little brother or sister. I said that I didn’t want one. Read More