I survived my first day…

I survived my first day in the new job. I can’t say that it was exactly what I had in mind, but it could have considerable potential. I’ll let you know in a few days. The quest to find out what my job title is and when I get paid begins today. Wish me luck.

A little quote from the official British government’s Millennial survival guide: “What is the Millennium Bug? It’s not a virus and you certainly can’t catch it.” I have decided to pretend that it is not the most facile comment ever made and instead make believe that they are simply lying, and that the Millenium Bug is the first computer problem to jump species.

I found this wonderful story at The Onion the other day. You go girls.

I went to the launch party for the new Neonlit book, where my friend Rhonda won £500 which she has to spend in two weeks with nothing to show for it. Turns out part of my job at Time Out is to help run the Neonlit site. I think it could be time to talk to Derek and Shauna at the fray and – two of my favourite online writing sites.