I'm Assistant Editor of…

I’m Assistant Editor of, which is nice. I also get paid at the end of the month. All questions answered to my satisfaction.

The Wax has a wonderful regular poll – “Am I Normal?”. Do you have complete conversations with yourself?

My friend Will does. He decided to come and stay at my place last night and flirt with my favourite barman, and then launched into a huge rant about how he has scary premonitions. This morning his new rant was about how when money becomes more electronic “they” will be able to control it more easily. Not the most detailed or fully-worked-out conspiracy theories ever, I have to say.

If you are after a detailed conspiracy theory to accessorise your daily rebellion, then why not try the Montauk project? There are thousands of damn sites about it.

I am a real fan of the design at although for the life of me I can’t be bothered to find out what it’s about.