Nexus Online Poetry Slam…

Announcing the first ever Nexus Online Poetry Slam! All the details are in the Core. I went to see Fight Club yesterday evening. Then I came home and wrote a long, complicated and detailed epinion about it. And then my computer crashed. Epinion lost. Today I have been visiting Pippa in Highgate. She is an old flatmate of mine who has moved into a flat with another old flatmate of mine purely for the purposes of making me neurotic with flat in-jokes and knowing looks. I’m kidding of course… Under the instruction of megnut, I went to find out my Wu-Tang Clan name. I was less than thrilled to find out it was “Dizzy Cow”. Here’s a few of my other friends. (If you don’t believe me – check it for yourself!)

Nick Cornwell – Furtive Ventriloquist
Chris Bell – Ol` Filthy, Sweaty Bastard
Max Prutzel-Thomas – Temporary Spastic
Kate Myers – The Nation`s Favourite Galoot
Toby Stone – The Littlest Vandal
Pippa Sturt – Sweaty Butcher
Melanie Goldblatt – Tha Ever So Weary Assistant

Some things get me very unhappy. One of them is being completely crushed by someone else’s pure design superiority. I am in awe of