The Battle of Seattle…

It’s very important that you all get over to The Nexus immediately and read the first person account of the Battle of Seattle (The Core). It’s incredibly moving stuff. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“The whole way I was hoping that this story would get out. Hoping that the level of violence inflicted on non-violent protesters, peacefully assembled, would wake a lot of people up and show them the level of democracy in this country. Hoping that people would see what the level of force aimed at people who peacefully oppose the interests that are dominant in this country and the world. I returned home to have this hope crushed. The local news stations were reporting on the broken windows of businesses and not the broken bones of protesters. They reported on things like “police fatigue.” Which I assume is when your arms get tired after you beat people for hours. They talked -and continue to talk about- the extremely “restraint, openmindedness, and gentleness” displayed by police.”