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Tom's top ten restaurants…

So, I was supposed to go around for dinner at Nick’s house with Emma and John-Paul. However, somewhere along the line someone has forgotten about this fact, and now it is no longer happening, which leaves me at a loose end.

Tom’s top ten restaurants/bars in London:

  1. Maxwell’s (Hampstead) (now closed)
    At least one night in three I can be found sleazing around Maxwell’s. The food is decent and unpretentious and the cocktails are great. It helps that it is about a foot from my front door…

  2. Star Café (Soho)
    Absolutely the BEST place to go around Tottenham Court Road for lunch at the moment. I’m there pretty much every Monday lunchtime to help me get over the angst of working. Solid cheap food (pasta with meatballs) and a lively atmosphere.

  3. The Edge (Soho)
    A mixed crowd of young media deviants frequent this fun and many-floored bar. The food’s pretty good.

  4. Bar Tok (Chalk Farm)
    The live classical music can be a bit oppressive, but the decor is out of a Bond villian’s fantasies…

  5. The Yard (Soho)
    In the summer, there is no better early evening bar in Central London. You can stand outside and eye up the local talent with ease. It can be hard to get to the bar though…

  6. The Lansdowne (Primrose Hill)
    So it’s a bit media-friendly (Zoe Ball and Norman Cook were in there a while ago with Neil Morrissey), but it’s Nick’s local so I have an excuse. Also the food is good quality. Can get VERY crowded…

  7. Belgo’s (Covent Garden)
    I haven’t been in a while, but I always like it when I do. Cheap mussels, and hundreds of types of Belgian Beer…

  8. Retro Bar (Strand)
    The most indie-tastic gay venue in Central London feels a bit like a rowdy pub but with entertaining non-scene people…

  9. Yo! Sushi (Soho)
    If you like sushi, then you can’t go wrong here. A conveyer-belt brings it right under your nose, and it has a robot to bring you drinks. How cool is that!?

  10. Nando’s (All over London)
    OK. I know it’s trashy – but it is also the best cheap satisfying meal that you can get on a Saturday lunchtime or before a movie. Yum.