On "Browser 2.0"

A while ago there was a book called “Browser”. Now there is Browser 2.0, and it’s great. I was wandering through it in Covent Garden’s Waterstones the other day and was amazed by some of the quality of the sites and browsers that it contained. Normally with these kind of books, the sites are all displayed to their best advantage in print, and when you see them on the screen they seem to lose something.

Anyway, as a sampler, here’s a few of the best sites that it contained: [much cooler than it sounds], [you remember all those bits in films where hackers are traced through loads of computers. This is a bit like that and you can do it on the web], and my favourite of the moment: BureauDestruct [check out the random 60s logo generator prog].

Can anyone figure out what the hell these people are talking about? The Bomb is mentioned half way down the page.

Life update: I went to see American Beauty on Saturday night and adored it. But it also sorted out loads of things in my head. So now I am living where I am until the end of the month, then taking two weeks holiday and moving stuff up to my parents (and either going to Mexico to see my ex-boyfriend or the SXSW Interactive thing in Austin, Texas so that I can finally meet all those cool people I see lurking around the net). Then I am back working in London and looking for a flat with Kate and Manuella while staying on the floors of friends. Note how I haven’t mentioned Max in this two month period. That is because he is not going to be in this two month period (I give it a week, but let’s try to be positive).