The first IRL meeting of the Nexus…

ANNOUNCEMENT: The first multi-national IRL meeting of The Nexus will be taking place this coming Friday (4th February) at various locations across the globe. Check The Nexus for details of local meetings.

For those of you in London – many of us (hopefully) will be meeting at the Leisure Lounge in King’s Cross before proceeding to Popstarz’s new home at The Scala. These are indie/alternative nights at mixed gay/straight venues. I will be at the Leisure Lounge from about 8.30pm and I don’t expect to leave the club until approaching 5am the following day. I have no idea how I will recognise people, although someone suggested that we all wear black trousers and t-shirts, which is an intriguing mixture of Left-Bank Existentialist Philosopher and Denizen of Geekworld. If anyone wants more details, then just drop me a line at tom – at – – otherwise I look forward to seeing you there.

I’ll stick up another reminder on Friday morning!