The Bomb's going to be on telly…

So an incredibly cool thing might be about to happen to me. Channel Four have a late night slot called 4 later. On this slot is a TV program called Disinfo Nation which is hosted by Richard Metzger with whom I have (many moons ago) had many an e-chat. Anyway – so I am checking my referrers log when I stumble upon the page above, in which tonight’s episode is said to include (and I quote):

“Websites of the week belong to The Bomb, a fan site dedicated for Grant Morrison’s cult comic book The Invisibles (which contains an amusing “Dress Up Lord Fanny” cartoon game), plus porn queen Rebecca Lord’s own informative sleaze site (in which she doubtless dresses up her own Lord “F”, just not in such amusing colours…)”

It looks like The Bomb is going to be on TV! Set your videos for 00.45am on Channel 4 (UK).

Mini Bio: Richard Metzger was in charge of scamming the corporate weirdos into funding disinformation before they freaked when they saw what he had done with it. Needless to say they let him, the company and quite a large amount of money go in one fell swoop. Metzger managed to get vast amounts of publicity and tapped into the zeitgeist that also abortively produced The X-files to produce a site that actually made money. He’s now merged with the omni-directional Razorfish SubNetwork, but we don’t blame him for that in any way.

There’s so much more I want to talk about, but I haven’t got time. Brief personal news items for those of you that care:

  • Kate and Manuella look like they are not going to be ready to move into a flat when I need to which means I am back to tromping around North London.
  • Job goes through ups and downs (as ever) although at the moment I seem to be in a bit of an up.
  • General background tension at a high at the moment, which makes me too sensitive to the whims of fortune – leading to frantic desire to go out and pull someone in order to reassert claim to being reasonably attractive. Except I know I am utterly unattractive when in these moods – irony hasn’t escaped me.
  • Managed to make my hair look good for about twenty minutes this afternoon, which is a record for the month. Have taken this as a good sign and am proud of myself.