Bomb was on TV…

So The Bomb was indeed on TV last night. Slightly bizarre seeing my work up on the screen. Certainly not unpleasant, but strange nonetheless.

I have about a thousand links that I have been building up over the last week or so, but I am going to save all of them until tomorrow. Instead a quick bit of boring life monologue. Feel free to barf if it gets too self-indulgent.

For the first time in nearly a month, I am at home on a Friday night. I hate being at home on a Friday night. Cos then Saturday morning just oozes past so slowly and suddenly you only have a day left before work begins. Today’s reason is as amusing as ever. I decide it would be a cool thing (you know – meet knew people, show Max how cool I am with the whole not going out this) to hang out with Max and friends – and drop him a note seeing what he is doing this evening. He says that he’ll ring me today. And then he doesn’t ring. At 5 I think I should find out what he is up to so I ring him. He sounds flustered and then says that on second thoughts it probably isn’t the best idea if I go out this evening since he is trying to line up another guy. So I am left on a Friday night with nothing to do but sit around thinking about Max sleeping with other people. There’s a fun evening for you.

Still I might manage to wangle a drink out of Evil Nick if I get a chance. Only time will tell.