Fucking Max cocks up again…

Did Tom have a nice friday night at Popstarz? No Tom did not have a nice friday night at Popstarz. Last you lot heard of Max was that he had stood me up two nights running shortly after we had agreed to be ‘friends’. He had demanded that we see each other regularly as friends because ‘he really didn’t want to lose me’ (or something like that). So after these two events he swore blind that he would contact me in the following week and we would go out for a drink. I, understandably, didn’t believe him. And how right I was – three weeks passed, I get all cheerful and functioning again, and then I wander into Popstarz last night to see him in marathon kissing sessions with his new boyfriend. When he registers I am there he bounces over to me and is all cheerful, as if it would be an astonishingly weird thing if I was freaked out by seeing him with someone else, and as if it was perfectly normal to ignore someone for a month and screw them around. So then I had two hours of bumping into the happy couple in various rooms of the club and feeling like dirt – which (as I am sure you can imagine) was fun. This morning I feel as if I spent the evening being kicked in the head and stomach.