Genetically Modified Homosexual Corn…

“What are we going to do with a room full of genetically-modified homosexual corn?” asked Harry Hill on television tonight. I wanted to help him find an answer by sending you all to look at – but apparently it was a fansite and was shut down by an overzealous production company. If anyone can find a decent Harry Hill site, then let me know asap.

I’ve written this post three times today and every time, something has fucked up. This is my final attempt before pouring coffee on my parents’ computer and tearing out all my hair. And I have so much to say… I am finally back in Norfolk after the marathon moving session. After work on Friday I got a train back to Norfolk (arrived at 10pm), grabbed about four hours sleep before jumping into my mother’s car, driving back to London, picking up Nick C and Nick E (who had very graciously helped me pack), finally managing to get back to Norfolk by half-past six. Bloody exhausting day, all things considered. Now all I have to do is wait for my passport and I’m off to LA. Watch out, Kerry – here I come!

There’s an article in the Sunday Times today which is being discussed at the moment in the Nexus – it’s about two superheroes called Apollo and Midnighter who are both men and having a relationship. Quite why this is a newsworthy story is beyond me. There have been gay superheroes for years – find out more at the Gay League of America.

I remain in regular contact with the ever-changing site of riothero. Over the last couple of days, he has said some really nice things about me in both e-mail and on his site – like it’s good to be 27 and that I don’t look like the back end of a bus. Which is nice. I’m a bit embarrassed actually, as I can’t help thinking he must have hit the juice quite hard recently to have caused such brain-collapse and eye-failure. Anyway, the conversation reminded me of one of my old sites, which is basically a photo album. Check it out if you like: slutcore.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more self-referential – the weblogging universe collapses.

Finally, a couple of updates on yesterdays posts. Not that it really matters, but barbelith has reappeared on Metalog ratings. riothero and wetlog have now explained to me why I had dropped off – apparently it is post-redesign linkage withdrawal. I suppose that makes sense. Having said that though, I think my reappearance at number 28 makes it clear that you only have to ask a stupid question or say something controversial to get rated once more. Go figure.

[Addendum: Thanks to Weblog Wannabe for the Smurfalizer link (see yesterday).]