You turn your back for a moment…

I don’t know – you turn your back for a moment and everything goes to hell.

  • Metalog ratings
    It’s a sad day when the only thing you can talk about is weblogging itself, but after a couple of weeks of being consistently in the top 30, barbelith has suddenly vanished from the charts completely. I mean, not that I care or anything (grumble, mumble, sulk).
  • Grim Reaper Age Guesser
    So far it hasn’t even been close. Prol was ten years out, and Riothero managed an astonishing 15 year discrepancy. All I can think is that the two webloggers must be mistaken about their ages. The Grim Reaper cannot be wrong.
  • Webstandards & Project Cool
    I heard about this yesterday, but what’s the point of linking to (un)dead sites? These two sites (amongst others) went down for 55 hours due to ‘problems’ at Covad, their service provider. It’s both ironic and infuriating that these bastions of interesting content and web functionality should be let down behind the scenes. It’s like the opposite of the Wizard of Oz – all the wonder is on display, but if you look behind the curtain, there’s nobody home.
  • Death to Powazek
    I have a friend called Toby. Toby is a scary puppy. Tom accidentally showed Toby Mr Powazek’s sutrocam feature – lots of animated gifs made by using a digital camera. Toby has a digital camera. I now get about two animated gifs a day sent to me. The last one had a statue of the Virgin Mary ooze rather poorly rendered pixelated blood (like something straight out of Stigmata). Toby … must … be … stopped …

Reasons to have hope for the future:

  • Smurfalizer
    OK – I found this through smurfar blog but I can’t smurfar which one. How smurf. Anyway – the smurf this looks a bit bizarre is smurfat I decided smurfat I should write a smurf of the site, run it through the Smurfar and smurfen use the Smurfalized text. It’s the most ridiculously pointless smurf I have smurfen on the web in … days … The design is pretty classy, and if you can get past the overtly Scandinavian dialect, smurfen you can have all the fun in the world smurf other people’s sites into Smurf.
  • Hamsters for President
    How do we feel about Hamsters for President? I can’t help thinking (on the basis of the current candidates) that rodents would be at least an evolutionary step in the right direction. In London at the moment, all the news is about the mayoral elections. Is it too late to sneak in a Hamster candidate?