A bitchy question borne of frustration…

Can someone explain to me how it is possible that I can cross the world and crash on someone’s floor in LA for nearly nine days, but when I return to my home country and home city, almost none of my friends are prepared to house me for even a couple of nights. Has anyone got an answer for me?

As ever the best way to cope with the many disappointments and injustices of life (and people) is to ignore it completely and muck around on the net for hours. Which is what I intend to do.

I am delighted to report that vitaflo is back on the air at last. Not a lot seems to have changed, although the site is altogether more … green … The HREF section is still the best guide to the best design sites on the web – a constant source of inspiring work.

Here all about Grant Morrison’s appearance at the DisinfoCon from the site itself. And I quote: “I probably shouldnÌt admit this here, but IÌm not familiar with ‘The Invisibles’ comic, so I had no idea who Grant Morrison was, but he was very funny, very drunk, taught us Magick, and sure that he had been on a ride with aliens in Katmandu, so he had my attention!”

And I am probably the last person to notice this, but Epinions has also finally launched it’s full version, complete with clean and elegant design and cheery little smiley things. The only slightly depressing thing is that I have spent so much time running around like a headless chicken in recent months that I am in imminent danger of falling off the bottom of their Most Popular Movie Reviewers list.