There's a party in Austin and you can't come…

“Hey Tom, there’s a really big party going on in Austin, but you can’t go.”

SXSW fever is running rampant through the webloggers. And those of us stuck five thousand miles away can only pine for what might have been – and of course check out SXSWb, images by pb (day 1, day 2, day 3) and metafilter, and the commentary from powazek, prehensile tales and riothero.

Still it’s not the same as being there.

I feel bad for not talking more about my LA time – so here are a few sites for the minor celebrities I bumped into: Loren Dean [at party with him – he wore lots of plaid], Tyne Daly [wandered around the pier in Venice Beach], Gina Gershon [sat behind us chatting away during a showing of Wonder Boys].

Needless to say I have found a place to stay (take a bow Evil Nick). Bed finally located around 7pm GMT. My luggage arrived this morning at work more or less intact as well. Everything seems to be coming together. I went to see The Insider so that I wouldn’t fall asleep too early. It was a pretty strange film – only in America could people be surprised by the news that cigarettes are addictive. The most interesting part of the film (the media politics and strategies/counter strategies) were unfortunately the bits without the most interesting character/actor/performance. Russell Crowe is a god.

And before I forget – IF YOU DON’T ASK YOU DON’T GET!