Mark at Riothero is having a pretty weird time at the moment – not that you would know it from the main page of his weblog. If you want to read some of the most heartfelt and occasionally painful writing on the web, you have to explore his Quietriot section. You need a password, but as long as you don’t actually know him in real life, he’s pretty cool about sending it out. Obviously I can’t go into detail about what he is going through at the moment – that would rather defeat the purpose of the password – but let’s just say that anyone who has ever been a teenager and in love will be able to relate to everything he says. In some ways it really reminds me of the writing I did when I was his age – I have these notepads hidden away somewhere at my parents where I used to write down all the things I couldn’t say in public. I read them now and again and they hit me like a ton of bricks.