Exhausted but Euphoric…

I’m exhausted but euphoric as things finally seem to be coming together. I’m moving in to my new flat on Saturday, finally catching up on work, and I got some sleep (my first for ages). And it’s sunny! But still, I am still not at peak efficiency. So let’s start the day with some gentle blogging:

Is anyone else bored of Diana, the ever saintly (practically canonised) Princess of Wales? Certainly doesn’t appear to be. All over the net at the moment I am seeing The Princess of Wales Rose banner ads. Is this really the thrust of the new economy? Should we all buy chintz and commemorative mugs now?

The most amusing thing about Wired’s article about National Phone In Sick Day is that in the UK we get the day off anyway. In fact, next week will be our third four day week in a row. I love Bank Holidays.

And while I am at it, I just thought I should say congrats to Meg for both a highly successful redesign and having an incredibly cool web savvy mother. Jealous much, web kids? I know I am.