If I told you that

If I told you that I had spent today with my co-worker starting the process of changing 16,000 separate web pages to work with new banner and button ad coding (requiring around 165 separate hard includes), would any of you feel any sympathy for me? Said enterprise (plus last night’s uncomfortable sofa cushions) have resulted in a dull pulsing headache which feels like someone has stuck an air pump into my brain and is slowly inflating it against my skull. All in all, the last 24/48 hours have been completely overwhelming – there has been no area of my life which hasn’t been confusing or confounding or intense. That’s not to say it’s all bad stuff – not by any means – but there’s just too much of it.

So, Project Cool recommended Lockjaw today. I guess I can see why, it’s quite ably put together. I was just wondering about the lo-fi feel of the site – and the preponderance of grainy imagery. It reminded me of a trend in print design a while back for an almost fanzine feel. I don’t know if it translates that well to the web though – I mean there is so much real lo-fi stuff, I am not sure that it is easy to tell when it is intentional.

Evil Nick is off to visit a young woman in Los Angeles. He’s never been out of Europe before. I try and figure out what to say to him about the trip and can only come up with, “you’ll be surprised how alien you feel”. In order to get a flight at short notice, he has had to go via Frankfurt. Total length of outgoing flight – 14 hours. That’s got to hurt.

I don’t love Ben Brown, I just think he’s nice.

At some point in the last day or so (according to my referrer log), Zeldman linked to me. But then when I try and look at his site, I keep getting timed out. What’s that about? Can someone tell me what he said?

Oh, and if you have a minute to spare – have a glance at my latest microproject – the Best London Cinema poll. I’m never really sure whether or not they are any good or not – I mean they work, and they do what they are supposed to, but they are hardly the most attractive of designs. I was much happier with the Eating and Drinking Awards one. But then I had more than an hour for that…