Chronicle of a bad night's sleep…

  1. I drank far too much caffeine last night, so even though I was exhausted when I got home at midnight, I couldn’t sleep until nearly two in the morning.
  2. Around three in the morning I had an appalling nightmare, the details of which I can’t remember. The worst thing was that I only half woke up, and was stuck in that sleep paralysis mode where you suddenly get nervous and paranoid and then outright terrified as you lie in this kind of quasi-dreamstate, unable to move, with perceived movement around you. It took a while to get back to sleep.
  3. At which point the nightmares returned, leaving me sleeping fitfully until 8 in the morning, at which point I got up feeling physically numb but edgy – as if I had some kind of reptile coiling and recoiling around in my head. People seem distant and slightly unfamiliar. I want to go back to bed.