Film pitches on

If you are ever on for a laugh, check out the descriptions of films at the Hollywood Stock Exchange. Ignore for the moment the tremendous fun of investing in stocks based on the performance of films and stars at the box office, and concentrate instead on gems of inspired summary like this:

Fast Flash to Bang Time is a drama that will star Wesley Snipes and be directed by Gary Fleder (Kiss the Girls). The story is about a drug-addicted FBI agent and his sex addict female partner who fall in love and try to stop a terrorist attack.”

Funny as that is, however (and trust me, I shall be first at the door of the cinema for it) , it cannot compare to a film that I have actually invested in. Called Munchies, this film is currently in development. And it’s plot? While hsx says nothing, I know for a fact that it is about anorexic teenage girls who end up as cannibals. I mean, how cool is that?