In which BMW interferes with my love-life…

In the UK at the moment there is this whole debacle about Rover, a company that makes cars that very few people buy, even though they look rather nice. The company, which has been owned by BMW for a while, has been making savage losses and has finally been sold to another company called Phoenix for the nominal price of £10 (approximately $15) [BBC].

Now normally this news wouldn’t interest me in the slightest – I am afraid that I hold little hope for the future of British manufacturing industries and don’t see the point in investing in heavy machinery which has the sole purpose of pouring even more money into a large hole in the ground.

However on this occasion, the huge amounts of legal and administrative work that has to be done by people close to the whole enterprise is really impacting on my social life. Entertaining and charming dinner companions are being captured and locked in small rooms to check contracts, leaving me without anything to do in the evenings but drink too much and watch the South Park Movie. This state of affairs must come to an end! So I say to thee, oh law firms of London – LET MY PEOPLE GO!