I'm surprised by the response

I’m surprised by the response I’m getting to the megnut/kottke pairing that I alluded to earlier. Seems that there is quite an undercurrent of gossip in the weblogging community, and that everyone wants in on the action. Quotes from an unnamed source:

“I too noticed the “Perfect Storm” reference from both Meg and Jason.
But did you notice these?

Meg – “Only one to-do scheduled on the whole day stretching before me:
bake a blueberry pie”
Jason – “Jason’s 4th of July wrap-up: made blueberry pie”

Meg – “… parties and tete-a-tetes-a-tetes and tours and tastings”
Jason – “Went wine tasting yesterday”

Meg – “The Right Stuff is one of my favorite movies of all time”
Jason – “recent movie viewings: the Right Stuff …”

… and then of course there is their appearance together in Jezebel‘s Mirror…”