We've erased bits of riothero…

CRISIS: Everyone who hasn’t been to riothero yet today must follow these instructions IMMEDIATELY. I posted a note to the site (Katy and I still have access). Anyway – for some reason it erased the last weeks posts completely. Absolute horror on my part. Complete and utter horror (how/why could this have happened?). You people have to help me fix this crisis:

  1. Immediately go OFFLINE. If you are using IE then go to FILE, and select WORK OFFLINE.
  2. Go to – if you can get to it without going online, then this is a CACHED copy.
  3. You should be able to see posts from between Sunday and Friday.
  4. Copy and paste these days and e-mail them to me immediately on
  5. Then I can put them back on the site where they belong. This is SO important. PLEASE GOD, SOMEONE HELP!