Meeting Mark…

Guess who Katy and I are off to meet in about fifty minutes. That’s right – the young riothero himself – currently staying in a hotel in Paddington. It’s a pity the weather is so bad at the moment, though – he’s really going to get the wrong idea about the UK. Anyway – let’s see what he thinks of London so far?

“Harrumph! The English has no consideration for the 4th of July!”

<snarkiness follows>

I don’t think we really need to go into too much detail about why that is a pretty weird thing to say. I mean, much as it would be cool to celebrate the UK finally disposing of it’s wayward nephew [Rupture agrees], it is after all the celebration of America’s independance from this “old country”. Actually I got into another mood with America after watching Chicken Run and U-571 and realising that American media is all about self-congratulation, while UK media is all about self-deprecation, and that some Americans don’t get that our media is no more representing the truth of our country than theirs represents the truth of the good ole USA.

</snarkiness ends>

Actually really looking forward to seeing Mark. I’m a bit concerned that I have a stomping headache and am all stinky and smelly and that he’s going to look at me as if I fell from Planet Kak. Still, we shall see what we shall see… Oh, and apparently Vance will be there as well!