Yowser. Had a great laugh

Yowser. Had a great laugh with Mark, Vance and Katy last night. Katy and I scrambled for hours across the Wastelands of the Westway, emerging damp and confused between Paddington and Bayswater. Having finally found the hotel residence of our young associates, we met each other, looked a bit nervous (especially Mark) and tried to work out what to do next.

At which point, Mark’s mother introduced herself, which meant that I immediately had to make a joke about getting her son drunk and dumping him in a strip joint in Soho, which went down remarkably well considering, but I probably wouldn’t make again if put in the same situation.

So Katy and I dragged them off to find a restaurant so we could soothe our cravings for food. We found this appalling tapas place, which cost far too much and really wasn’t very nice and chatted and made bad jokes and swapped stories of other webloggers, and heard all about Mark’s experiences at SXSW, and which bloggers were tall, which were short and which were great big spotty geeks.

Basically, much fun was had by all – and hopefully we will be meeting up again either tonight or tomorrow night – depending on when they are leaving for the next stage of their trip. One last thing though – MARK! I FORGOT TO BRING MY PHONE TO WORK! E-MAIL ME OR RING UP KATY!