On "Blog on for an ego trip"…

“Blog on for an ego trip”: So there was an article on weblogs in London’s Evening Standard a few days ago, based around interviews with Katy of, Meg of and myself. I knew that it was upcoming, but it has been being delayed for weeks while various editors have been on holiday. I only found out about it when a couple of people e-mailed me referencing it – and when a work colleague mentioned it to me in the pub.

The article takes the form of an introduction or promo of the weblog format, and so is necessarily quite superficial, but it includes a good selection of “starter-blogs”, including The Breast Chronicles. Mark is going to be pissed off though – he’s mentioned, but there’s no URL:

“Recently, the pair [Katy and Tom] met up with Mark Olynciw, a 15-year old blogger from Connecticut, and chronicled the experience from three different perspectives. So what does Mark’s mother think about his obsession? Oh, she’s cool about it. Because she’s got her own blog: at”

I’ll try and scan it and get it up on the site shortly (assuming no one else beats me to it).