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The future is masturbatory…

Sometimes I think it’s important to just feel good about yourself. So that’s what I’m going to do. I read a post at Metafilter praising blogger and then I read a snarky comment about weblogs in general. Such comments are bloody boring in my opinion, but tend to run along these lines: 1) What you write is pointless. 2) What you write isn’t much fun. 3) Why don’t you do something properly creative.

In fact, all three of these points can be described in one simple phrase: “weblogs are wank”. I find this kind of thing really amusing, as it seems to be wrapped up in a weirdly strict Catholic idea of what is appropriate sex. Clearly “wank” is considered “unproductive”, “wasteful”, “pointless” and therefore bad by these people. Weblogs are also considered “unproductive”, “wasteful” and “pointless” and also therefore “bad”.

But pretty much no one considers masturbation a sin any more, and a goodly proportion of the world seems to be up to it. And while some people are ashamed, most people are just getting on with it, some more creatively than others. I guess my question is this – why is there a double standard? Does everything have to be productive to be good? I for one am making a stand for the web masturbator. I say to thee: “build it, write it, show it off”.

The future is wank…