Welcome to – the

Welcome to – the new home of what was, and what is soon to be the hub of a re-energised and fully functioning system of sites that I have had at the back of my mind for a few months now. By Christmas, I can guarantee you’ll have a new film site, a webzine and a re-energised and redesigned discussion forum, with forming the hub to it all.

All of the archives from have been moved over to the new domain, but there are bound to be a few dodgy links here and there for a few days while I go through the process of weeding them all out. I’ve been putting off this move for so long now that I don’t think that some of my confidantes thought I’d ever get around to it. In the end it came down to brute determination to put it out there and damn the consequences. In the short term, please ignore any rough edges, and prepare for the inevitable refinements that will occur when I get used to writing for a new space. In the meantime, don’t hesistate to send me your opinions.