I can state quite clearly

I can state quite clearly what my reasons were for getting heavily involved in web design. They were Derek Powazek and Jason Kottke. I’d been building sites here and there for a while before that, but I’d never really approached them as anything more than a basic idle hobby. Sites like fray and particularly 0sil8 made me see that there was scope for create work on the net that wasn’t just about fan sites (although I love them) and personal homepages (although I love them too).

Weirdly enough after creating a number of other creative sites (which lasted different amounts of time), I find myself back where I began, with a personal site (this one) and a fan site (this one). But that’s more coincidence than anything else. And it’s all about to change…

In the meantime, after a considerable lull, one of the sites that inspired me originally has finally come back from the dead, which is a tremendous delight to me. Welcome back, 0sil8, and here’s to the Minneapolis Sign Project!