Britney raped by robots?

A message from the uber-God, Grant Morrison, delivered to us through the BBC: EdFest Live Chat Transcript. Bow in wonder, unworthy scum. Selected awesomeness follows:

Ed›Mathews: JLA was a fun romp. Any chance we’ll see you playing with DC’s heroes again soon? Grant Morrison on Aquaman would be most intriguing, for instance…

Grant›Morrison: I had a really good idea …Aquaman’s mum was a mermaid and laid eggs and there were thousands of them!

Rizla›1977 Am I a sad, deluded fanboy, or are there really deep magical undertones to MarvelBoy?

GrantMorrison Yes there are deep undertones and Yes you are a sad deluded boy for thinking so

Jinx Will Zenith be returning to 2000AD?

Grant›Morrison Yes shortly and in a fairly bizarre story It starts off with Britney Spears being raped by a robot.