Waving fists at Tower Records…

It was Saturday afternoon at 5pm, and I wander into Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus. The whole place has been redecorated and looks quite different from how I remember it. The most significant addition is a whole bank of iMacs with net access for sale at £1 for 20 minutes. “Cool”, I think to myself, “I can blog from the middle of Tower. That’s got to be pretty hip”. So I sit down with my little 20 minute card and try to access something.

Time passes. Sites resolutely refuse to load. After twenty minutes, I have managed to glance at two pages: my site and, where I have written a piece slamming the appalling connection speeds. I click on post and publish and nothing happens. For six minutes. My time runs out. I am furious.

At least in the meantime I’d found a way to remove all their sponsors from the browser (why don’t they ever turn off keyboard shortcuts) and replace them with kitschbitch and prolific links. I rule.