I read this interview with

I read this interview with Radiohead in Q the other day, and thought to myself – if only they weren’t so torturous about what they do; perhaps then they’d have more fun with it. And then I thought about how long it took me to get a tiny little website rebuilt, and how much horror that generated for me, and then I shut up.

In this interview was a reference to the book No Logo by Naomi Klein, which the various band members said had clarified for them what they wanted to talk about on the album (if indeed they were talking about anything). So I thought to myself – “No Logo” – that sounds like the kind of book that interests me – it’s got that counter-cultural vibe going on; I think I’ll buy it.

So I went to lots of shops and couldn’t find it and returned home grumpy and forlorn. And then last night I spilt a glass of beer on my desk and had to grab about a ton of stuff off it and throw it on the floor so that I could mop up the mess. And what do I see at the bottom of the pile, but a copy of the book itself in full burning technicolour. Nick had bought it for me for my birthday and I’d completely forgotten.