Questions in need of answers…

Important questions in need of answers:

Nasal Hair Dye
Ok – this could have been a put on, but I met someone at a party last night who swore you could buy nasal hair dye that made extraneous strands less visible without the continual need to insert sharp things up your nostrils. Is this true?

Which is the best drunken board game?
So, you’ve been out drinking, right, and you’ve come home to play board games with your other drunk friends, but you can’t play Articulate, because -well-it’s a bit hard really, and Monoploy just takes too long, and you’re going to flake out in about an hour and you REALLY don’t have enough time or energy to set up Mousetrap. What is the best board game for this time of night?

Lambchop sideburns: yes or no?
Come on, ladies. Tell us lads what you think…