More on Poof & Slag…

Adapted plot synopses (thanks to: Rob’s Will & Grace Page, using my names for the main characters (I find this inordinately amusing and could have put about a thousand of them up):

Poof’s poker night with his buddies gets interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Slag, who has once again broken up with her boyfriend and arrives to spend the night–much to the displeasure of Poof’s friend Queen, who was planning to move in temporarily while his own apartment has new flooring put in. Poof talks Slag into finally leaving her boyfriend for good, she marches off to confront him, but when she returns to announce that she has accepted a marriage proposal, Poof risks their friendship by telling her what he thinks.

Where there’s a Poof, there’s no way:
Slag claims that the reason she’s not dating is that she’s having too much “fun” with Poof–so she proposes that they try their best not to have fun. Meanwhile, Queen is seeing stars over seeing an IRS agent, so he enlists Poof’s help.

The truth about Poof and Dogs:
After Slag defies Poof’s wishes and brings home a puppy, Poof can’t resist the pooch and begins to treat him like a newborn baby. Meanwhile, Queen and Bitch worry about the dog’s effect on Poof and Slag and insist that the new parents go out for a night on the town.