Plummetting on Beebo…

Right. I have decided I am actually quite irritated about having plummeted twenty-two places on‘s ratings, even if it is completely irrelevant (<aside to camera>”My fat arse”</aside to camera>) so I’m going to stoop to actually demanding that you people out there with weblogs 1) Make sure you have your site listed (e-mail and 2) Make sure that you have in your permanent links section on the page.

Without wishing to compromise my journalistic integrity in any way whatsoever, I can reveal myself to be a shameless linkwhore and self-publicist who will not allow any such selfless act to be unrewarded. I love you all. Each and every one of you. Or should I say I will love you, just as soon as you do the decent thing and bloody link to me.

Ever your obsequious bitch, Tom.