On the UK Petrol Crisis…

Brief thoughts on the UK petrol crisis (now thankfully ended):

  • British Petrol (“gas”) costs a hell of a lot (comparatively).
  • Some people whose work depends on using a lot of petrol rightly view this as compromising their profits or indeed resulting in their businesses folding (haulage companies, taxi drivers etc).
  • These people have every right to protest, and protest they have.
  • A lot of other people use cars when they could or should be using public transport.
  • The high levels of tax to be paid on petrol reflect the desire of the government to limit pollution by getting people to use public transport.
  • The high levels of tax also provide considerable revenue for the treasury to spend on public services such as the National Health Service.
  • Many members of the public have supported or participated in these demonstrations despite the fact that they have also wanted greater spending on the National Health Service, less pollution and better public services.
  • If they want these services maintained, then the money has to come from somewhere.